Table Lamps

Table Lamps

Classic table lamps

Table Lamps

Modern table lamps

Table Lamps

Table lamps (in most cases with Swarovski crystals)

Table Lamps

Table lamp 3210-7A20

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Table Lamps

Finkeldei offers a large selection of sophisticated table lamps. Our range consists of lamps with classic and modern design.

  Model No. Width Height Depth
Table Lamp3210-7A202475 
Table Lamp3280-7A284228
Table Lamp3290-7A325132
Table Lamp3305-7459045
Table Lamp3310-7458045
Table Lamp3315-7307430
Table Lamp3320-7269826
Table Lamp3325-7507620
Table Lamp3330-7457545
Table Lamp3805-7A5510855
Table Lamp3810-7A608660
Table Lamp3815-7A609260
Table Lamp3820-7A608360
Table Lamp3825-7A608360
Table Lamp3835-7A609560
Table Lamp3836-7A609560
Table Lamp3840-7459545
Table Lamp3845-7A609260
Table Lamp3850-7A609260
Table Lamp3855-7A609260
Table Lamp3860-7A405623
Table Lamp3865-7A505950
Table Lamp3870-7A405323
Table Lamp3875-7459645
Table Lamp3880-7A426342
Table Lamp3885-7A568037
Table Lamp3900-7A457845
Table Lamp3905-7A357035
Table Lamp3910-7A438123
Table Lamp3915-7A438223
Table Lamp3916-7B438223
Table Lamp3920-7A459023
Table Lamp3830-7A606460

Modell-Nr. 3805 bis 3920

  • Base made of ceramic
  • Shade made of chintz or moire

Modell-Nr. 3305 bis 3330

  • Base made of acrylic
  • Shade made of chintz or moire


Available at extra charge:

  • Shades also available with Swarovski crystal applications
  • Shades also available with fabrics from the Finkeldei collection


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