Our Upholstered Furniture Collection

With more than one hundred models the Finkeldei manufactory offers you one of the largest premium-class upholstered furniture collections, ranging from classic to modern designs. Experience style, shape and colour composed like a painting: Perfect upholstery art.

The Finkeldei catalogue

Upholstered furniture catalogue

Explore the whole Finkeldei upholstered furniture collection in our new catalogue. Download as a PDF file or request your printed copy now.

Finkeldei catalogue

Visit our showroom

Upholstered furniture showroom

We invite you to visit the large Finkeldei showroom in Germany, where we present the whole width of our exclusive upholstered furniture collection.


Custom made furniture

Custom made upholstered furniture

Each product from Finkeldei is also available as a custom made piece of furniture, hand-made to your individual specifications.

Custom made furniture