Finkeldei is a german manufacturer of upholstered furniture Manufactory

About the Finkeldei Manufactory

The Finkeldei manufactory has produced upholstered furniture for customers with the highest standards for more than half a century. Our motto is: the best is just good enough. Upholstered furniture from our manufactory is leading in terms of quality, incomparable in terms of sitting com-fort and unique in terms of design.

Our company is active in two areas of business: international trade and interior furnishing projects. Our collection includes several hundred models, from traditional upholstered furniture to high-quality cabinets and accessories. Our particular strength is that we are able to put all our customers’ individual furnishing ideas perfectly into practice. Whether it is a matter of custom-made individual pieces of furniture or elaborate full outfitting – your project is in the best hands at Finkeldei.

”Customization is not the exception at the Finkeldei manufactory, but the rule. This is made possible by optimum workflows and our qualified upholstering specialists and woodworkers.“

Over the decades, the Finkeldei manufactory has built up an extensive manufacturing expertise which extends beyond upholstered furniture. Today, our manufacturing and product range includes exclusive cabinets, tables, drapes, carpets, lamps, and much more. Thus, we are able to provide our customers with full outfitting services from one source.


  • Founded in 1958
  • 50 employees
  • Located in North Rhine Westphalia, Germany
  • Family business
  • 30 years in the contract business

Visit our showroom

Upholstered furniture showroom

We invite you to visit the large Finkeldei showroom in Germany, where we present the whole width of our exclusive upholstered furniture collection.


Interior Furnishings

Upholstered furniture interior furnishing

The Finkeldei manufactory is the ideal partner for interior furnishing projects where quality and individuality are crucial.

Interiors furnishings

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