Classic Collection

Upholstered Furniture Classics

Classic Collection

Experience our collection of exclusive upholstered furniture classics, sometimes traditional and sometimes interpreted in a modern way. Despite all the variety, all upholstered furniture from Finkeldei has one thing in common: hand-crafted top quality from our manufactory and comfort that is second to none.

Upholstered suites

Our upholstered suites feature a luxurious seating comfort and come with many customisation options.


Our armchairs deliver what their design and finish promise: seating comfort in a class of its own.


Our upholstered beds guarantee luxurious comfort and pure sleeping pleasure.


Our elegant dining and coffee tables harmonise perfectly with the exclusive upholstered furniture from our manufactory.


Our elegant cabinet ranges come with exclusive designs and are hand-crafted to perfection.


We offer exclusive accessories as perfect companions for upholstered furniture from our manufactory.

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