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Outdoor furniture

Let us make outdoor furniture for your garden according to your specifications or choose from our exclusive collections.

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Individual outdoor furniture

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Siebensee Outdoor Furniture

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Land & See Outdoor Furniture

Individual outdoor furniture

Finkeldei has equipped many superyachts with exclusive outdoor furniture over the past decades. We also offer our expertise and experience for your garden at home. As a manufactory, we can realise your ideas for individual outdoor furniture in the highest quality. Our outdoor furniture range includes, among others:

One-of-a-kind outdoor sofa

Would you like to discuss an outdoor furniture project for your garden? Please contact Mr Manuel Del Colombo (tel. +49 176 21975502, or Mr Alexander Knoche (tel. +49 5274 980113,

Outdoor furniture from our Siebensee brand

If you are looking for very exclusive outdoor furniture for your garden, then Siebensee is the right choice for you. Siebensee is our outdoor furniture brand for superyachts. With this brand, we offer a variety of exclusive collections in cooperation with our partner Stükerjürgen Composites + Wood. A Siebensee collection usually consists of various seating furniture, a sun lounger, a number of tables and various accessories. Each of the Siebensee collections has its own unique design and can be fully customised to meet the requirements of our customers.

Siebensee outdoor furniture is made in Germany to the highest quality standards. The outstanding level of craftsmanship and the exclusive range of collections make Siebensee one of the top addresses for superyacht projects around the world. For this reason, we regularly participate in the yacht shows in Monaco, Fort Lauderdale, Amsterdam and Dubai. Visit our Siebensee website and experience our unique outdoor furniture collections.

Outdoor furniture from our Land & See brand

With our new Land & See brand, we complement our product range with high-quality outdoor furniture manufactured by our partner in Indonesia. The focus is on furniture in exclusive designs and with elaborate wickerwork. All Land & See furniture is refined in our manufactory and can be adapted to our customers’ requirements in terms of finish, upholstery and cover fabric. Only sustainably cultivated plantation teak wood is used for Land & See outdoor furniture (Indonesian Legal Wood).

Outdoor furniture by Land & See are a great choice for a domestic garden and perfectly suitable for the maritime conditions of a yacht. We will be able to offer you up to 30 exclusive designs in the near future. Our Land & See product range includes, among others:

A new Land & See website is currently under construction! You can already find a video and some photos at

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