Classic Collection


Armchair Fantasy

The armchair Fantasy features a sophisticated carving of a swan, which can either be painted or made with golden or silver leaf.


Armchair Fantasy

  • Fixed seat cushion with springs
  • With cold-formed foam upholstery
  • Fixed back
  • Flat springs with cold-formed foam upholstery
  • Made of solid beech and top-quality plywood
  • Body with braid
  • Wooden frame available stained or painted

The following options are available for an additional charge:

  • Wooden frame available with gold or silver leaf
  • Back also available with buttoning
  • Details available with gold or silver leaf
Model Number W / H / D
Armchair 0583-10 69 / 79 / 74
Armchair 0583-15 69 / 79 / 74


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